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We have uniquely positioned ourselves as a dependable firm, engaged in providing excellent quality PPA ADDITIVE. These Additive are specially engineered for improving the performance of blown films & other extrusion products in terms of optical properties, mechanical properties with reductions in the production cost.

These Additive are based on Fluoropolymers and are widely recommended for improving the processibility of polymers at higher shear rates.These are formulated to form a microscopic dispersed phase within the polymer carrier.

During processing the fluoropolymer gets coated on the walls of the extruder and die. This reduces the extuder backpressure to decrease. To achieve the coating in a reasonable time the process aid masterbatch is typically added at 1% until the beneficial effects are seen. After this the addition rate can be reduced to 0.5% down to even 0.25% as long as the effect continues to be evident. A small addition must be maintained throught the extrusion run.

Our quality controllers stringently check this product against several quality parameters to ensure a defect free supply at the clients’ end. Our offered PPA ADDITIVE is known for their better output and high quality in the market.


Reduces / eliminates melt fracture especially when processing polymers with varying MFL – e.g in Multi layer films and can also reduce extruder torque.
Eliminate sharkskin effect
Reduce or eliminate die build up.
Reduce or eliminate Gels and optical defects.
Increase the output by up to 20%.
Reduces electricity consumption due to reduced back-pressure in the extruder.
Optimization of extruder process lead to increase in output along with enhanced and bi-directional physical properties and improved clarity and gloss.